Monday, August 1, 2011


And just like that, it's August! And time to start the third cutting of alfalfa!

The chopper was delivered (from the fix-it shop) first thing this morning so the chopping could begin. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow, which isn't great, because you don't want rain on your newly chopped hay. But the forecast might change before then.

Today also starts the 4-H Fair in Clinton County. Kris and I were in 4-H when we were young, and I always look forward to taking the kids.

We started off in the horse barn, and a girl said, "Do you want to pet my horse?" She led her out of her stall and was very patient as the boys worked up the courage to pet her.

We went to the goat barn and petted the goat kids, which were so tiny. They were fainting goats - goats that get stiff and fall over when they're scared - and they had informational posters about them that the kids had made.

In the pig barn, a woman asked if they wanted to feed the pigs watermelon. Of course! In the small animals tent, a boy got out his hen so they could pet it, and a girl got out her rabbit for the same reason.

Everyone was so friendly and eager to share their animals with us.

A friend there said, "It's like a zoo!" It was! Even though I live on a dairy farm, I don't see goats and sheep and pigs. It's a great learning experience.

And did I mention free? Way more free than a zoo!

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