Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make hay while ... it rains every night

It rained again last night - almost another inch! As a result, the hay that was down is too wet after being rained on multiple times. It was never dry enough to bale or wet enough to chop (it has to be a little wet in order for the chopper to chop well.) So we're going to chop it back onto the field so the alfalfa can grow for the next cutting.

It's frustrating, but that's the way the weather works. Sometimes the rain and dry are perfect for a cutting, sometimes it's not. Ah well, if everything went perfectly, we'd have nothing to strive for, right? RIGHT?!


Amanda Sumerix interviewed me for the August Young Farmer Newsletter. Kris just told me the cut off to be a young farmer is age 35. Good thing I got in - only one year left! Click here (and scroll down) to read her kind article, Agvocate and Author.

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