Monday, August 8, 2011


O beautiful for spacious skies / For amber waves of grain ...

Traditionally, people have found wheat fields pleasant to see. I also think round bales in a field are picturesque.

We don't grow wheat, so we buy our bales from other farmers. We store them and use them all winter long. We also buy small, square ones.

A friend visited this weekend. She'd never been on a dairy farm before. She was most interested in the haymow (which we use for straw.) Since we moved all the calves to the new barn, it's empty and seems huge. She suggested that instead of getting rid of it so the barn can hold more round bales, we instead turn it into a restaurant. She said, "Of course, it'd only be good for people like me who are never on farms. The people who live around here wouldn't be that interested, I'm guessing."

I've never eaten in a haymow, but I do like what I see. How about this view - beautiful round bales being delivered to your house, via semi? Also picture-worthy!

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