Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old barn

No calves are in the old barn now. It's mostly filled with big round bales. The haymow is even empty, and Kris is thinking of taking out the floor of it to make room for more round bales.

But the calf that was bloating is still continuing to bloat, so we moved her to a pen in the old barn. That way, they can stop feeding her grain and only feed her hay in an attempt to solve her digestive problems.

My mom was at my house watching my kids and said she heard crowing from the direction of the barn. She took the kids over there to find the source. She said they found a great big rooster and three chickens strutting around on the top of the round bales like they owned the place. She said they weren't at all concerned about being watched. She said, "They just moved in when the cattle moved out!"

They're our neighbors' chickens - they have free range and have been in our yard before. They're certainly not hurting anything, but I do worry about them crossing the road and am required to make jokes about the subject.

Kris said that even though we emptied the barn of animals, the old barn just won't let go. We moved a calf back, we've got chickens - I really hope tomorrow a goat just appears. It might be a children's book come to life!

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