Saturday, July 30, 2011


Kris' dad brought over bulls today to put in with the heifers - because nine months from now it'll be calving time all over again! (Can you believe it?)

One of them was a red and white Holstein.

I was excited. I like when new calves have recessive traits - due to the history of our cattle, sometimes calves show up looking a little Guernsey, some a little Jersey.

But a red and white Holstein! I couldn't remember having a bull like this, or ... really, seeing them around.

I asked Kris about them and why black and white are more popular than red and white. He said that black and white was just sort of the preference, even though they're the same breed of cattle. He said, "Just like all redheads - persecuted!"

He was joking, but there is quite a history with red and whites and their popularity or lack thereof.

I immediately thought of my good friend Julie:

She has beautiful red hair. People always notice it and comment on it.

So hopefully next year, some of our calves will be red and white. And we'll be welcoming and complimenting them. Especially when Julie comes to visit.

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Jules said...

Oo! Fingers crossed you have red-headed baby cows next Spring! Although as you know, I wind up with Guernsey or Jersey babies (whatever the blond equivalent is) so we shouldn't hold our breath!