Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick day

Our employee Kody called today - he was sick. Poor guy. Being sick in the summer is the worst.

He was going to mow the pastures and milk this afternoon. Kris asked another employee to do it - they started the mower and something was wrong with the tractor. Kris said that the pasture mowing wasn't as important as the other things he had to do, so he just parked it. He went on to moving the heifers to another field and moving the calves into group pens. Mike was grinding bales, scraping manure, and spraying for flies.

So, Kody AND the tractor called in sick. Must be going around. Hopefully everyone will be healthy tomorrow! Though realistically, Kody will rebound a lot faster than the tractor.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that how it always goes!? For us it's the post hole auger. Every time we get a day to do fence we have to work on the auger instead. Fun times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading! I checked out your blog, too. Congratulations on Kent!