Thursday, August 25, 2011

What do you do?

Sometimes a cow dies. It's rare and unfortunate, but it happens. We had a cow go down this week, meaning she was lying down and couldn't get up. Kris treated her for three days, but she couldn't get up. (We had another cow go down, but she got up and was fine after treatment. It just depends.)

It's illegal to sell a cow that can't walk to the slaughterhouse. So how do you dispose of a cow carcass?

Some people compost their dead animals. We call a removal company. They're called RIP Farms. For a fee, they come and take the animal away the same day.

When a friend visited recently, she said she had never given one thought to how milk got to her table. I bet even fewer have thought about what you do when a cow's milking days are over. Unless everyone else grew up knowing about RIP Farms-type places and I was just in the dark?!

It's always a sad sight to see the RIP Farms truck. I hope we don't need them to visit again for a long time.

Rainbow on the irrigation

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