Thursday, August 11, 2011


We had a lot of farm visitors today - five people from North Carolina, four from Kalamazoo, three from Dewitt, one from Bay City, and one from Germany!

Sandra was my friend Julie's exchange student in high school. She comes back to visit occasionally, and this time she came to tour her very first dairy farm.

After we'd shown her everything there is to see here, she told me her conversation last night. She said to Julie's dad, "Well, you hunt deer, I know. And Julie told me tomorrow she's taking me to a deer farm."

"A what?" he asked, just to hear her say it again.

"A deer farm?" she asked.

"No, a DAIRY farm!" he said.

Sandra's English is perfect, which makes the misunderstanding even funnier. She said they teased her all the way here, pointing out cows and saying, "Look! There's an American deer!"

Visitor dressed specifically for the dairy farm tour. Can you see the ice cream cone on her shirt?

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Sandra said...

And here she is - Sandra who took her first dairy farm tour today. It was sooo nice to meet you and to see how time has changed the way to work on a farm. I loved the old building full of history but I also have to admit that the new one is quite cool and biiiig. Your cows (or were they deers? ;o) ) where sooo cute and I really enjoyed the tour. Loved your kids, too and let´s see when we will meet again - for sure it will not be my last trip to the US. THANKS FOR THE GREAT MORNING!