Thursday, July 7, 2011


-- The second chopping is done! Chopped, piled, covered in plastic and tires, all before it rained.

-- We drove around and looked at the corn fields. Wow, it really looks like we need some rain! Were we just happy there wasn't any one paragraph ago?

-- We went over to change the irrigation. (You can change the direction, the rate of flow, etc. I'd be more technical about this, but Kris is already asleep.) While we were there we got to partake in one of my most favorite part of Michigan summers ... blackberries! Some people call them other names, but this is what I'm talking about:

Eat these, not poisonous ones.

They grow wild all over around here. We ate every single ripe one we could find. With five of us, it didn't take long.

-- We paid a company to fertilize our pasture today. Do you ever see these on the road?

He spent a long time fertilizing our pastures. Kris said it took longer because he had to go around all the fences. He also had to stop and get more fertilizer in his tank.

Everyone's been working long hours and having the second cutting done is a relief.
Now it's time to kick back and stop working. Just kidding! But there does seem to be a little more time to stop and smell the roses ... or really, gorge ourselves on blackberries.

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