Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today, Kris was supposed to meet me at a funeral of a family friend. I was genuinely surprised when he didn't. My phone was in the car, but I knew that something had gone wrong on the farm. Sure enough, when I left, I read his text telling me that the milkers weren't working and he had to go help. It's one of those things you can't put off. The cows had to get milked.

He called the people who fix them, and eventually they were able to get them working again. Good thing, since we were hosting a party with my entire family (coming from out-of-state) and Kris' family (coming from out-of-town).

It was our annual Anderson Olympics, which we've held for many years. We play different (silly) games and award points.

Kris was a little late, the milking got done later than usual, I'm glad people work on things like this on Sundays, and ... we have a new Anderson Olympics champion.

The final game had us moving an Oreo from our foreheads to our mouths without using our hands. Another surprise - we didn't eat them with milk.

Mike Wardin, Kris' dad, 2011 Anderson Olympics Winner

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