Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Kris called me to tell me there was a heifer having a calf really close to the road. I loaded up the kids and drove down there ... and she'd already had it. I was disappointed. He told me I'd have many years to see calves born.

Later at lunch, Kris said, "I don't know if this will make you happy or not ... but that heifer had twins. She had two heifers. Our last heifer of the year to give birth had two more!"

It didn't make me happy. I should have stuck around, hoping for another one to come out.

So all the heifers have calved. After about 270 calves born this year, there are 26 more cows to have calves. Unfortunately, they have them even faster than heifers. But here's to hoping! I have a few more chances to see a calf being born this year.

Kris suggested I take the binoculars and sit out on the porch, checking. It probably would work ... but my own little bull pen here would get pretty restless if that's how I spent my time.

On the way home from my unsucessful trip, I did get to see the blue heron, and it even stayed still for a picture. We watched it for a long time. Since when are wild animals so compliant? They need to talk to the cows.

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