Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Last night as Kris was finishing chopping, the chopper started making a noise.

(Cue the scary music.)

This meant that this morning he had the dealer come out and see what was wrong with it - and whether or not we could use it to chop. The short answer? No.

Kris rode back with the dealer to St Louis, which is about 30 miles away. We rented a chopper, which Kris had to drive back home.

This took an hour and a half, where Kris learned to dislike many drivers, especially you, honker! As well as learn how to operate a new chopper, which was really different than the old chopper, even though it looked just the same to me.

Also, the tractor we were using to rake the hay had a tire go flat overnight. So they had to use a different tractor.

Okay. So far, broken chopper, rental chopper. Flat tire, different tractor.

After the morning's frustrations, including Kris ripping off a fuel cap lock with his bare hands, everything went pretty well. The chopping goes twice as fast with this new one. They have only about 40 acres left to do tomorrow.

A few people emailed me to tell me they didn't know the saying, 'make hay when the sun shines.' But today's events bring another saying to mind. Do you know the saying, 'Nothing parties like a rental?'

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