Sunday, July 17, 2011


There were five calves born yesterday, and four calves born today. That includes a set of twins each day! (We love twins around here.)

Today was really hot - in the 90s. Last year, we would have been done keeping new calves 20 calves ago, but this year we're keeping more. So there's still more bottle feeding, teaching how to drink from a bucket, and hot days ahead!

After a sweaty day at work, Kris finished the day in the pool. Some dairy farmer friends of ours were building a pool this past spring, and they asked us if we used ours much. I swim nearly every day it's open. As a swimming lesson teacher and lover of water, I think it's totally worth it. Kris - especially on days like these - totally agrees. He doesn't consider it a shower, though. My kids on the other hand ... to them, chlorine is just another form of soap.

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