Saturday, July 16, 2011


I don't think of our farm as a vacation destination, but ... my friend and her son are visiting from North Carolina, and part of why she wanted to bring him was to do farm things. He rode in a tractor, saw calves, saw fields, played in barns, milked a cow, fed calves, and helped bottle feed a newborn calf.

And then the little things - like a neighbor's stray chicken in our yard. You rarely get that in the city. (Rarely, but not never. Urban chickens are getting popular!)

As he was pulling up weeds and feeding them to calves, my friend said, "I'm so glad he came with me. I just can't replicate this experience."

I joke about how many children's books there are about farms. I always ask Kris why they don't have more books about other professions. But there's something obviously entertaining about farms. They're fun! No matter your age or where you're from.

Even if you live here all the time.

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