Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Preemie calf

A cow birthed the smallest calf I've ever seen.  The little heifer is healthy and fine, but she must be premature.  It's hard to show just how small she is.  She's half the size of the other calves.  She's as tiny as a goat.


Impossible to tell her size, right?  So to give some perspective, here's her head next to my phone. Oddly, this picture also serves to make my phone look giant.     

The boys got even more ready than usual to work with Kris today - i.e. they were wearing both boots and hats.  They rarely have either.  (Not just boots, but shoes at all.) 


Kris asked them to empty the calf buckets and they scurried off to do it.  Not only do they enjoy hanging out with Kris, but they actually seem to enjoy doing the work. 

Yeah.  That seems like a lot of buckets.

Every year, the work will be the same, but the boys will be different.  The barn helps give perspective. 

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