Friday, June 22, 2012


Every year we keep most of the heifer calves that are born.  We take care of them as babies, then put them on pasture in the spring.  When they're just over a year old we put bulls in with them.  They get pregnant, then nine months later have a calf.  When you sell the old cows or they die, you constantly replenish your herd.

But what if you want to milk more cows?  Then you can buy them from other farms.  Kris has recently purchased cattle from our employee, who also has a dairy farm. 

The boys and I went over to see them.  I asked if I'd be able to tell our cattle from the new cattle.  Kris said yes, because they had different eartags.

I didn't know he meant they had names:

When I was growing up, we named our cattle because they were registered Guernseys.  It's like having paperwork for dogs.  You know their entire heritage and have the papers to prove it.  We also named them.  I well remember that the heifer I led in the 4-H Fair was named Golly.  I planned that her calf would be named Gee, and her calf named Whiz.  You see how it goes. 

Our cattle, since it's easier for our record-keeping, have numbers.  But no matter what they're called, they all had the same view yesterday - irrigated pasture that will be theirs next year!

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