Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birth day

Today Kris delivered a set of bull/heifer twins.  One of them was backward, so he had to pull it.

Then, it happened again!  In the same day, a second set of bull/heifer twins, with one backward that he had to pull!  Coincidence, or are these cows playing tricks on him?  With their wily, backward-calf-having ways ...

They were four of the eight calves born today.  That's a big day for this time of year.

We went down to see the calves.  The oldest ones look huge, and even the tiny preemie doesn't look small any longer. 

Kris also had a lot of meetings.  Five guys came over to meet with him, all on different items to fix, buy, or plan to buy.   

It was also 90 degrees.  And it's not even officially summer yet.  More heat, more meetings, and even more calves to come.  Hopefully not backward.

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