Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The first house I lived in didn't have air conditioning.  Neither did the second house I lived in, any of my dorm rooms, or any of my six apartments.  When I moved to North Carolina - THAT apartment had air.  First time!  However, it was also my first time living in a southern climate.  I hated to turn it on - I'd rather go swimming.  I think Kris turned it on twice in the year we lived there.  (But I really appreciated it in other places!) 

Our first home we bought together - no air.  Our present home - no air.  But what do we have?  Box fans!  We each have our own personal box fan in our bedrooms.  They work great. 

We recently put fans in the dairy barn for the cows, and today we started putting fans in the new calf barn.  Cattle like to be cooler than people.  The studies show they like it to be about 50 degrees.  Obviously, it's not going to always be 50 degrees in the summer, but the fans help keep it cool and comfortable.  With fans, you can definitely tell the difference just by feel, let alone a thermometer. 

It's not air, but it's close.  It's good enough for them, it's good enough for us!  We're big fans!

Adding fans to the calf barn

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