Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rainy weekend

It rained!  Hooray!  We got two inches.  What a relief.  Kris told me, "As your dad says your grandpa always said: 'That was a million dollar rain.'"  I never heard either of them say that, but I liked it.  That's even good third hand.

Kris took the afternoon off to see ... his new nephew!  Not even 24 hours old.  Plus, his sister from Texas was visiting.  It was rainy and windy the whole day but none of us complained.  All three men there are farmers for a living. 

We even got to see some friends last night - they're farmers in the Grand Rapids area.  We asked them if they could meet for dinner at 8:30 p.m. in a town 40 minutes from each of us. 

My friend texted back, "If it's raining, Jerry won't be able to spray.  I'll keep you posted." 

It rained, and we got to go out.  As we were separating, Jerry said, "Nice hanging out on these stormy nights with you guys!"

I thought that farming was always a risky endeavor because your job depends so much on the weather.  But who knew that your social life was affected by it, too?  Rainy Friday night - free time for all of us!


Anonymous said...

My mom called it a million dollar rain too! Must be a common saying but I'd never heard it before either!

Will Flannigan said...

I also heard "million dollar rain."

It's a great thing, rain. Here in Ohio we were begging it to rain. It was getting pretty dry here.

Carla said...

Trisha - How funny! What other sayings are our parents going to pull out? : )

Will - Did you get some rain, then? I hope so! Thanks for reading.