Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby news

It's fun looking at the stats on my blog.  I like seeing how many hits I get (and wonder why I get far more direct emails than comments, but that's okay!  Keep 'em coming!). 

I'm curious about seeing what people google to find my blog - some examples from today are 'barn curtains,' 'truth about dairy', 'dairy footbath', and even 'child bookshelf shaped like a barn'.  And I get to see what far-away countries people are reading - hello Russia, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil! 

But closer than that ... my sister Tracy is a middle school teacher in Kansas.  Tracy teaches in a city - to city kids, many of whom have little to no farm exposure.  She often shares what's happening on our farm as a way to teach them a little about dairy farms. 

She asked them the same quiz questions I asked at the health fair.  She answers their questions about farms.  Sometimes she uses images from it as a writing springboard. 

This morning on the phone she asked, "How many calves were born yesterday? I wanted to tell my students."

As of this minute, we now have 8 heifers and 2 bulls.  They're all doing well. 

Kris said that if this year is like last year, these next few weeks are going to be birthing central.  He's going to be in the pasture looking for calves several times a day, feeding calves, teaching calves to drink from buckets, picking out the mothers, and sending them in to be milked.

New babies are always exciting, no matter whether you're across the world, a few miles away, or in a classroom.  (Hi, Tracy's students!)  Welcome to our farm - both calves and visitors.


rschett said...

I trust the moms aren't too hard to find! Hopefully they are near the baby cleaning her up.

Carla said...

Sometimes she is ... but sometimes she's not and a different cow is taking care of her! Some moms are pushy. : )

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