Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What a holiday!  We had a baby boom ... the barn is filling up with calves.

With all the births, we now are the proud owners of not one - but TWO heifer red and white Holsteins! 

Black nose!

To show contrast

I was gone for the week, and while I was gone Kris was possibly more busy than he's ever been. So were my mom and dad. All three of them were taking care of my kids. They've asked me not to leave again - they're just joking, I'm sure! Right? Haha?

The fun/work in the calf barn never stops

It's nice to come home to a place that, to me, is just as beautiful as where you vacation.

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Jules said...

You know how I love those gorgeous red and white babies. And I agree- don't leave again. Things are so much more fun with you around! :)