Monday, May 7, 2012

Spell it out

This weekend, I had a booth promoting dairy health at the Clinton County Fit Fest.

We handed out at lot of string cheese and milk moustaches.  The moustaches were wildly popular, especially. 

At one point, both the 2012 Michigan Dairy Ambassador Britney Zondlak and the newly crowned Elsie Dairy Festival Little Miss Grace Leavitt were there at the same time!  It was like the Avengers of dairy knowledge.



We're up to 16 heifer calves.  They're across the road from us now.  It was rainy tonight, so I used binoculars to watch a cow labor from my dry living room.  She turned her back to me right before she had it.  It wasn't that great of a view anyway.

I knew Kris hadn't pulled any yet this season, so I asked him - how many had he seen give birth?  Also zero!  I guess I should be happy they're coming easily!


Last week I was talking about how my sister Tracy uses my blog as a teaching tool in her Kansas classroom.

She and her wonderful students sent me a fantastic surprise!  Check out her seventh grade communication arts kids!

Truth or Dairy. Communication and art. A+ for all of them!

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