Thursday, May 3, 2012


We had a wild storm!

The clouds started rolling in ... they were pretty, until it started raining and I realized - I was a half mile from home, I had a lot of stuff outside, and I left the window open that's right next to all our shoes.

Then, we were surprised by hail. I heard it on the window and ran out to see it. It only hailed here for a little while. Big pieces, though! I put my toes in to show you the size.

Kris drove by, on his way into the field to check for calves. The cows didn't have any in this mess. (Way to go!)

Everything is soaked. There are flood warnings. It's still thundering and lightning right now. But! Check out what we got at the end of the day:

Yes, a pot of gold! Okay, wet shoes. But with a nice view.

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Anonymous said...

I like your painted toes! Nicely done!