Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clinton County 4-H Fair

Today I visited the fantastic Clinton County 4-H Fair.

I have fond memories of fair week, and I'm looking forward to when my boys are old enough to fully participate.

I also watched a (commercial) video today - I'm fully aware of the irony of it being a video - about how different childhood recreation is now compared to when our parents and grandparents were growing up.  In it, the grandparents talk about fishing, the parents talk about playing outside, and the kids talk about playing video games and watching TV for hours a day.

Not these 4-H kids!  These kids are definitely working with their hands and/or spending time outside. The projects - woodworking, photography, cake decorating - and the animals.  Rabbits, cattle, sheep, you name the farm animal, it was there.  (Minus the poultry due to the avian flu!)  The kids obviously care for these animals.

The kids were also friendly and liked talking about their projects and animals to us.

We also saw a show by Tim Salisbury.  He had Ty and Cole hold the jump rope while he jumped with a pogo stick.  Later, he literally juggled two balls ... and Max.


Meanwhile, back on the farm ... still with the calving!  We're having cement work done on part of our barn, and we're continuing the three times a day milking.  The irrigation pivot is on, but it stopped working and Kris was able to fix it.  The wheel loader wasn't working but now it is.  The regular breaking and fixing of machinery continues as always!  The fair is a great reminder of the upcoming generations who will continue farming ... and fixing.

Or they'll just chuck it all and take up juggling.  I know my kids were inspired!

Cole found a 4-leaf clover at the 4-H fair!  Lucky #17!

Ty wants to build a bookcase just like this beautiful project.

Max called this a cow bunny.

See you again soon!

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