Monday, July 13, 2015

Three times a day

It's a big day on our farm today!  We normally milk the cows twice a day, but for the first time since Kris and I have been farming (eight years) today we're milking three times a day.

We're doing this because many of the cows have just calved - we have over 70 heifer calves in the barn - and therefore, they're giving a lot of milk.

Last year during this period, the cows were leaking milk by the time they got into the parlor.  Milking them three times a day will hopefully alleviate that, plus fill up the bulk tank.

Lots of farms milk three times a day.  This isn't anything new to anyone, just new to us.  At one point my dad and his brother Al milked three times a day ... just the two of them, plus did the other work on the farm.  They didn't do that for very long before they realized they were going to work themselves to death.  But!  We have a great team of people and hopefully this summer experiment will work.

Have a fantastic summer day!

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Esha Collin said...

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