Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer is the time for farms

July has been incredibly busy.  Not only has everything been going on with the farm - calves, crops, milking three times a day ... but we've had visitors!  My brother and sister and their families just left.

I love giving tours of the farm.  Right after they left ... today, I had friends from Alabama and Michigan visit.  One friend told me, "I asked your boys some questions, and they knew all the answers."  They should - not only do they spend a lot of time at the farm, but they go on all of my tours!

I get a lot of the same questions.  Today my friend asked, "Why does that cow have a ring in her nose?"

The answer:  Sometimes a cow will suck on another cow's udder, which ruins it and hurts her.  If you put a ring in her nose, it pokes the cow and she doesn't let her suck on her.

My friend joked:  "Oh, I just thought she was alternative."

My nieces, nephews and sons:

My brother showing his son how to milk a cow.  It never gets old!

Amy showing Ella the milking parlor, pre-getting-splashed-by-manure.  (Hard to avoid!)

Amy, Leslie, and (some) of their kids.  After I took this they asked if they'd be on the blog.  Of course!  Leslie's dad is a devoted reader. : )

Ty, with the hoof trimmer in the background.  It's nice that the barn doubles as a gym.

I'm glad we live somewhere people want to visit ... especially since it's hard to get away in the summer!

Thank you for reading about our farm.  Even if  you can't be here in real life, I love being able to share it with you online.  Thanks!  

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