Monday, September 3, 2012

Candy corn


Kris picked a few ears of corn out of the field today to check them out.  He plans on starting to chop corn tomorrow.

After my youngest gnawed on them despite me telling him field corn is different than sweet corn, we took the ears down to feed to the cattle. 

We were picking kernels off the cobs.  My son Cole held one in his hand and said, "This looks just like candy corn!"

It did - three colors and all.  It was easy to see where candy makers got the idea. 

I did just google 'candy corn' and see that in the candy, the orange and white have switched places.  But I wouldn't have known that without looking.  Instead I told Cole he was exactly right, took a picture, and told other people about it.  I'm going to chalk it up to the 1880s confectioner not being able to exactly recall the color scheme back on the farm.

Kris told me that the white line was called the milk line - that when he picked it there was more white in the kernel, but after it dried out more of the white turned to yellow.

So, of course, we all tried a little.  Field corn doesn't taste like candy corn, either.

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