Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not a normal morning

Ah - a picture like so many I've taken. Cattle grazing peacefully in the pasture.
Except it's not a pasture and I didn't take the picture. It's our alfalfa field, and there's no fence. These cattle are out!
I got a call this morning from a neighbor that the cows were out.  I called Kris and heard tons of mooing.  I said, "Oh, you know.  Never mind." 
A few minutes later our neighbor (and friend) Sharon called and told me, "This is what I love about living in the country."  She was so amused to see the cows out running around!  She grabbed her camera and sent me the pictures.
Kris and the guys got them in fairly quickly, because they were - surprise! - in a herd.  Here, Sharon captured them turning the corner next to her yard.     
And some who were running through their yard after they missed the gate home ...

I told some friends tonight that the cows had gotten out this morning and one said, "Well, where would they go?  Don't they just stand around?"  I told them that cows can run really fast - definitely faster than a person. 

Of course someone who hadn't been around cattle wouldn't know that - but let me tell you!  They can RUN!  We have to get them back in with the help of quads and trucks. 

Sharon told me, "I will be smiling and relaying this story all day!" 

No one wants the cows to get out, so it's great when you have understanding neighbors.  And even better when they have their cameras ready to capture the cow-sprinting action!


Mom said...

Nothing gets the adrenaline going faster than hearing the words "The cows are out!"
Good job with the camera, Sharon!

Pam said...

Always hate to get the phone call, 'the cows are out', usually its dark when they get out. Glad you have an understanding neighbor! and congrats on being selected as the OYDC! Pam

Amanda said...

I find it so funny when they get out in the winter, especially the heifers because they are extra spunky and very clumsy.

Carla said...

Pam - Thank you! And yes, nothing strikes fear into my heart quite like those words. Since childhood! : )

Amanda - I agree. I love when they kick up their heels. That's my favorite move. They look so light! And we know from experience they are NOT! Ha! Thanks for reading.