Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today we ran a race called Trail for the Troops. The race was to honor the armed forces and benefit the Wounded Warrior project.
One of the runners honored was Eddie Moinet, who lost his leg last year in Afghanistan. Here he is beating his sister to the finish line:

My brother, who's also in the military and was in Iraq last year, emailed me a Got Chocolate Milk ad last week. 
I'd looked at it on my phone, but today after the race I opened it up on my computer.  So when I did I was surprised to see: 
Sarah Reinertsen is a triathlete and professional speaker.  She was born with a bone growth disorder and had her leg amputated at age seven.  
It's a great ad and it was a great race.  Hooray for the military, brothers, and milk!

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