Friday, February 10, 2012

Snowy day

The scene has changed! It snowed all day today.

When we moved back to the farm we talked about where to move. Should we live right on the farm? Should we build a new house? Should we buy an existing house?

We decided to move into the house in the middle of the farm where my parents were currently living. They didn't want to live there anymore - they built a beautiful home in the prettiest place on our land.

It's up on a hill, looking over where two creeks meet. The woods are beautiful. As a result, the snow pictures are even better from their house!

I'm glad we live in our house, since it's definitely helpful to be in the middle of the farm. We can see the barns and it's easy for people to find Kris when they need him.

I'm glad they live where they live - always somewhere beautiful to visit!

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