Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creative ads

Like I've said before, I used to work as a marketing writer at TechSmith. We often had a company come in with print ad ideas for our products. I always thought it was interesting and fun to see what wildly creative ideas they would show us.

I wonder what type of direction they give advertisers for farming magazines, because they are frequently eye-catching. Let me give you a sample from just one magazine - February's Dairy Today.

Ads like this always make me stop and look. It's by Novus International. They develop animal health and nutrition programs. Naturally. That is one strong cow. Or creepy human who's been getting into the cattle feed?

There's a lot to look at in this picture. There's a cow driving the tractor, two cows high-fiving (hooving), three carrying a board, one pushing a broom, one shoveling, and two standing with a clipboard. The cows eating are obviously the slackers of the group? The ad line is: "Healthy cows work harder." It's for EXCENEL RTU, which is a medicine that treats uterine infection and other diseases. I like to think that the artist who drew this was having a great time. Those are some good-looking udders.

And last ...

This one is for Bovi-Shield Gold, which is a vaccine that prevents reproductive diseases. This one reads, "If she can't stay pregnant, what else will she do?" The answer to this one is: be a bird dog-cow. It's a series of ads. What career choice will she make next?!

Maybe something in advertising.


Anonymous said...

Ha! My husband hung the Bovi-Shield ad on our fridge for a while because he thought it was so hilarious. :)

Dairy advertising cracks me up. It's a different culture altogether...

Carla said...

Ha! I bet that ad agency would be so proud! : )