Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-Super Sunday

Did you watch the Super Bowl?!

Kris missed the first half. The cows - apparently knowing it was the final NFL game of the year - worked open a latch, broke through the tape, and mixed all in with the heifers in the pasture. Kris and the two milkers spent about two hours separating the cows (the ones that get milked) from the heifers. He's going to reinforce the latch and put up a gate instead of tape. It wasn't a big deal to miss part of this game ... but what if it had been a Spartan basketball game? Best not to find out.

One of the commercials that got rated high on a lot of lists was for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. We discovered this yogurt by accident. My friend Alicia was coming to visit and I bought her two of them because I knew she liked them. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell my family. The next day, Kris told me, "That new yogurt was great - it's so much creamier! Cole and I each had one!" Alicia didn't get any. Kris has been buying it ever since. No head butts, but he doesn't like to share it, either.

When I worked at TechSmith, we got our birthday off as a paid holiday. I loved that perk. It's Kris' birthday today! He didn't get the day off, but the cows didn't get out. My parents had us over for a steak dinner, which is his favorite. I made an apple pie. Almost as good as a vacation day! Sometimes even better, depending on how hungry you are.

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