Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hockey and milk

We attended our first Grand Rapids Griffins game last night!  They're a hockey team.  We also had the chance to go out on the ice during intermission and hit a puck into the goal to win jewelry ... there were three spots.  I hit it in the easiest spot to win a chamilia bead!  One of the spots to hit in won you a diamond.  Oh, you've heard of diamonds and not chamilia beads?  This did not diminish my excitement one bit, seeing as it was the first time I'd ever hit a hockey puck.

Two farming notes that piqued my interest:

The zamboni had a buddy seat, just like tractors.  Buddy seats - really called training seats, Kris told me - are for someone to ride along when you're in a tractor, chopper, or some other farm machinery.  Why?  To train.  To have your kid come along.  To have some company.  Because big machines are cool.

A girl was riding on the zamboni and she waved when they announced her name.  It was cute.  Maybe next time we go she'll have training enough to drive it!

During the last period they changed the advertising behind the goal:

Chocolate milk is the drink of athletes!  The word is out.

My friend we went with is from a huge hockey family.  I asked her, "What are hockey players typically like?"  She answered, "Toothless."

Yet another reason hockey players can enjoy chocolate milk.  No chewing required.

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