Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture this

One of the big conversation topics anytime farmers get together is land prices. Farmers compare them from every neighborhood. Today I read the article "Rural Population Stagnates," which said, "Old-line farming counties saw the most dramatic decline: The population of farming-dependent counties grew by just 0.3% between 2000 and 2010, due entirely to births rather than migration from other regions."

So my bright side is ... maybe land prices will decline?


If you like reading about farms (and want to know more), Janice Person describes many blogs from people at the Young Farmers & Ranchers conference. (Mine too!)


One more conference note. During a slow period, Kris and a few other farmers were showing each other pictures on their phones. All of them (and no bloggers in the bunch) had pictures of their farms. Ones they took while they were working, ones of their animals - sights they wanted to remember. I liked it. I have a million on my phone as well ... for instance, today I took my youngest son out for a stroller ride. I didn't take along my camera. But when the entire herd thundered over from acres away to see him, I was glad I had my phone.

There was a mutual interest, that's for sure. They mooed at each other for a long time.

Rural areas may not be the most popular spots to live, but they're fun!

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Aimee said...

Even cows appreciate a smiling, happy, cute, good-natured baby/toddler. I wonder if they appreciate dance parties?