Thursday, November 3, 2011


I had to run some errands today, and Kris asked me if I could stop by the vet.

What was my task? Besides picking up some medicine, I had to take in stool samples.

There were three test tubes, filled with manure, in a neatly closed plastic bag. (My kids were absolutely delighted. It was the first time we transported manure in our car on purpose.)

Kris wanted to take in the stool samples to check if the calves need to be treated for coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a parasite, and one of the symptoms of having it is diarrhea. If you don't treat it, calves can get really sick and even die.

It affects mainly young calves, meaning ours are old enough that they'll soon not be affected by it. So, Kris wanted the vet's help in seeing how he should be treating them.

I was very conscious of the manure in my car. I drove carefully. A car crash is one thing ... a car crash that ended in spilled manure would mean I'd be far less willing to go to the vet next time.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh.

I still remember the first time my husband stored blood for preg checks IN OUR HOUSE FRIDGE. And the day I had to drop it off at the vet for testing. I wasn't sure what to say when I got there. "Um, hi. Here's the box of blood you were expecting?"

What a crazy life this is. :)

Carla said...

Ha! So far it's all been stored at a fridge at the barn ... as far as I know! : )

Thanks for reading. Glad you can identify!