Monday, November 21, 2011


Another calf was born today!

That's right - the first calf was born in April.  It's now November.  Some get pregnant early, most get pregnant all at the same time ... some get pregnant later. 

It was a pretty good day for it.  It was fairly warm - in the high 40s - and she had it in the middle of the day.  (As opposed to in the middle of the freezing-cold night.)

Since it's not calving season, like when Kris is feeding fresh milk to a lot of calves, he had to wait until the mother was milked to get her colostrum.  It just takes longer when there's only one!  He bottle fed the calf.  The mother didn't look great, so he prepared a pen for her in the barn.  He bedded it down with straw and got her water. 

There's one more pregnant cow left.  After that calf's born - another calving season will be done!  No more pasture checks, teaching to drink, and weaning to a bucket. Now they'll spend the winter in their new barn, until next spring when we put them on pasture.

So, around here, the workload will ease, but the cuteness factor will go down. Until next year!

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