Thursday, November 10, 2011


It snowed today!  Then it was sunny.  Then it snowed.  Then it was sunny. 

I looked for a rainbow, but I didn't see one.  It only seemed fitting that there would be one on such a strange-weather day.

When the first snowflakes started falling, my kids and I raced outdoors.  The heifers were in the pasture across the road, and they were just as excited.  They took off - as a herd - and galloped across the pasture.  They were running and kicking and looked ... like spring calves.  Not heading into winter.

Last night I called Kris to see if the boys could come and work with him.  The wind was wild.  Whipping, relentless - crazy.  He answered the phone, obviously outside.  I could barely hear him.  I heard, "No, not today.  (Wind sound.) I'm on the roof." 

"He's on the roof," I reported to my kids.

"Our roof?" one asked, running to the window to look up at the house.

"I'm assuming the barn roof ..." I said, suddenly unsure.  I guess it could be any roof. 

Turned out I was right.  He had to nail down part of the roof that had started flapping in the windstorm.  It wasn't really fun for him to do it at that moment, but at least it happened before the first snowfall.  Followed by sun.  Followed by snow.  Followed by sun.

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