Saturday, November 5, 2011


This morning I started when I saw the thermometer ... 25 degrees. 

The scraper tractor wouldn't start.  It was too cold.  We're going to have to start plugging it in at night.

It's frosted three or four times by now.  My son told me he licked a frosted-over leaf and that it tasted like snow.

The calves are tucked away in the new barn, ready to sit out the winter.  The cows don't seem to mind the cold.  They still stay out on pasture, even though the barn is available.

The cows have a lot in common with my kids.  They're seemingly impervious to cold. 

I was standing at the door today wearing three layers of clothes and a hat.  My kids?  They ran outside barefoot. 

I guess it's going to take more than a number on a thermometer to convince them summer's over.  Maybe more leaf-tasting.

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