Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farm sweet farm

While I was gone, Kris had some cement pads poured in the old calf barn area.

We poured them so we can have more freestalls for the heifers when they outgrow the new barn.  We're doing this because we're raising more calves than we have in previous years.  Hope they like their new digs!


When we were driving in Costa Rica, I could not stop looking at the fences that lined the roadside. Their fence posts were trees.

How did they do them, I wondered. Did they plant ALL those trees? Did they have fence posts, string the barbed wire, then add the trees? Why were they all about the same size?

I finally found a guide who knew the answers. He said that about 15 years ago Costa Rica made a law that corporations building fences had to make living fences. They do this by planting trees. He said that in about 4 months, the tree is big enough to support wire. Then, you can break off the branches, stick them in the ground, and make more fast-growing fence posts. He listed about 5 types of trees they can use, like machete trees.

I've been with Kris when he's digging a fence post. He has to use an auger or a post hole digger. Sticking a branch in the ground seems a lot easier.

It's the same no matter what country you're in - whether you're pouring cement or growing a fence - it's all for the cattle.

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