Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost back

I'm just about to leave Costa Rica, where I spent the last week with my friends, thoroughly enjoying the volcano hikes, ziplines, rappelling, horseback riding, hanging bridges, kayaking, hot springs, beach, monkey viewing ... etc.

This morning I was walking to breakfast and saw a statue right by the pool.  What is it?  Surprise!  A cow!  The famous cow parade is right here in San Jose.  Even though I'm several countries away, in the middle of a big city, it looks just like home. 

The views here have been magnificent.  (I'll share pictures when I can.)  My friends and I talked about how you become used to them after awhile.  The first day you take a lot of pictures, the third day it's just what you expect to see.  Oh, gorgeous scenery again?

But now that I've been gone, I'm more excited than ever to see my own beautiful, bucolic views at home.  The cow statue by the pool is great, but not near as good as the real thing.  Pura vida!

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