Saturday, May 9, 2015

World's longest ice cream sundae in Nashville, MI

432 gallons of Mooville vanilla ice cream, 56 gallons of strawberries, 28 gallons of chocolate syrup, 72 cans of whipped cream, and 3,600 cherries to beat the Guinness world record for the longest ice cream sundae at 1800-feet long? 

How could I not go?   

So we went today to Nashville, MI, right on Route 66!  

My friends Leslie and Kyle Booher (Leslie was a volunteer) were there with their family.  Leslie purchased the spoons yesterday for us when they were one dollar - today they two dollars.  We'd arranged to meet up, but I had zero cell service there.  My dad said, "You just have to do it the way people used to do it."  He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "Leslie!"  We kind of laughed.  A couple of minutes later, Leslie saw me across the street and yelled, "Carla!"  We laughed even more.  The old fashioned way works perfectly.  

The ice cream came from MOO-ville Creamery in Nashville, MI.  The Westendorp family milks 200 cows with robots.  They bottle their own milk, make their own ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and butter, all under the MOO-ville logo.  They have their own store and tours.  Kris has been, but I haven't ... and I've never eaten MOO-ville ice cream.  But today was the day.

The MOO-ville trucks delivered the ice cream down Route 66 to the 200 8-foot long tables:

The 192 volunteers scooped and topped:

We cheered them on (my dad and Max inadvertently dressed like volunteers):

We readied our special color-changing spoons:

The siren went off, and we all dug in!

In a surprise to no one, the ice cream was fantastic.  Creamy, with all the ingredients perfectly melted on ... and record-breaking.  They sold 7,000-some spoons, and it didn't take long for it to be all gone.

There was so much, that people even had a chance to go back for more, if they wanted.  My son Cole said, "This was the best day ever, because you didn't say we couldn't have seconds."

Thank you, Nashville!  It was a fantastic day, and apparently one my boys won't soon forget.

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Almost Jennifer said...

Thanks for joining us! (You're so lucky to count the Boohers among your friends!)

Carla said...

You're right - I certainly am! Thanks for such a great day!

Wayne Gould said...

Carla, thank You for coming to Nashville for this event. I enjoy your blog and which I found through Leslie. Your story about the event is great. Thank You again!
Wayne Gould (Leslie's Dad)

Carla said...

Wayne, Thank you so much! Leslie told me I just missed you, and I was sorry. It was such a great event and you have such a wonderful family. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Please come and visit anytime! We have regular sized ice cream here for you! : ) - Carla