Sunday, June 2, 2013

Farm tour for 4-H

My friend Heidi asked if she could bring some Cloverbuds out to tour the farm.  Cloverbuds are kids who are just getting started in 4-H

So I had the privilege of taking around a nice, smart group of kids.  They asked really good questions, were eager to learn, and liked climbing on the tractors, of course. 

I ordered some tour swag from UDIM (which every Michigan dairy farmer gives money to), and the kids liked their milk-themed coloring book, pencils, crayons, food clips, etc.

What they also loved was answering questions for a Gogurt!  I said I'd ask a question and the person who answered correctly would get a Gogurt.  The boy who answered first said, "How many can I get?!"  (I'd only brought a few extras, so I couldn't give him more.  But I liked the enthusiasm.)

They also got to see a REAL LIVE FARMERS doing REAL LIVE WORK.  Which is exactly how I introduced Kris and my dad.

But really, the Gogurt generated the most excitement.  Even tractors can't compete with free food.

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