Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yesterday was quite the day ... while they were trying to harvest alfalfa, the chopper broke.  They fixed it and started again and a different part broke. This couldn't be fixed by us, which meant Kris had to go to another town and rent a chopper head.  At the same time, Kody missed a step on the chopper and cut his leg open.  He went to the ER.  Then a cow was having problems. 

At that exact moment, when Kris was dealing with these things and hooking up a trailer to go and pick up the chopper head - is when the boys and I visited the barn and learned that all of this was going on!  We didn't stay long, since we were no help at all.

Kris came back with the chopper head and they chopped last night and today.  It all turned out okay ... but when machinery breaks and the alfalfa is drying and rain is in the forecast - one can't help but be a little stressed!

I couldn't do anything to help except the usual, which is to make him dinner when he comes home.  (Everyone loves a warm meal at 10:00 p.m.!) 

I don't know how the chopping went today yet.  But just in case, I made dessert, too.


Don Schindler said...

You rock. It sucks when everything happens at once. I hope all the chopping went well and the new part comes in quickly.

Carla said...

Thanks, Don! The rain today put everything on hold ... no chance for something to break until later! : ) Thanks for reading. I appreciate it!