Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cutting one is done


Finally, despite all the rain and machinery malfunctions, we finished our first cutting of alfalfa. That meant yesterday was the time to put plastic and tires on top of the pile of chopped up feed.
It's a really tough job, physically. I mean, you've worked all day and then it's time to carry tires up a giant pile? GREAT!
In a strange twist, these are my sons' favorite days to work on the farm. It's because it's something they can do (sort of) without the danger of getting hurt. There's no machinery around and all the guys are there, talking and joking with them, so for them - it's a lot of fun. Plus, they all eat pizza together afterward!
Every year they get a little better at it ... at some point they're probably going to ask to get paid in more than food.

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