Friday, May 31, 2013

Rain ... rain ... can't stop talking about ... rain

Freestall barn week three

This week it rained three inches!

Normally I would be rejoicing, but ...

all our corn isn't yet planted.  Now it's too wet to go in the field.

we couldn't cut alfalfa this week like we'd planned.

it delayed the barn building.  (These super hard working guys apparently do not work in a downpour.  But they do work in the light rain!  I felt for them.)

we had to move the cattle around and this made it quite difficult.

I'm not complaining, just stating some facts.  After all, why get upset about the weather?  I can't change it.  Besides, there are lots of other things going on!

For instance, today we found out that the motor we have for the new corn bin didn't have enough power.  Kris said they were going to use a more powerful motor from the old silo unloader.  I told Kris I was amazed that parts would fit together like that - that you could take an old motor from a different machine and hook it up to something new and different.  Kris said it was just like our kids' circuit boards - just wire the parts together and it'll work!

(I realize this is true but yet know I don't have the ability to do that.  I mean, I had to ask my dad to start my power washer today.)

Our relatives from Chicago came to visit!  Five of them had never been on a dairy farm before and for the others it had been a long time.  It was so fun showing them around because they asked insightful questions and the kids loved the calves and cows. 

Curious heifers and kids alike
Patient teacher, happy kids

Kris is working very long hours - by which I mean he leaves the house at 6:30 a.m., sometimes comes home for lunch for an hour, but sometimes not, and gets home about 9 or 10:00 p.m.  He plays in a weekly softball game and attends the occasional party - thanks to our dependable employees! -  but for these months he's busy.

But again, no complaints.  It's just the way it is this summer.  And who could be grumpy when you're looking at this?




Marilyn said...

Good morning as yet more rain clouds fill the sky. My garden isn't finished yet but the field crops are not in and time is getting short. So goes the life on a farm. The kids and cows are a great combination. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that we're not the only crazy ones planting corn, cutting hay, AND building a barn simultaneously! It's been a busy spring. And we too would be happy to see those rain clouds STAY AWAY this week. :)

Carla said...

Jessica - I always said I wouldn't have a job that depended on the weather! HAHA! : ) I hope your June goes well with the perfect amount of rain.

Carla said...

Marilyn - Thanks a lot! I love your pictures, too.