Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fitting in

Today was the big day to switch bulk tanks.

It had to be done really quickly and well.  The old one had to be taken out after the morning milking and the new one had to be installed before the afternoon milking.  (Because the milk has to be stored somewhere so the milk truck can pick it up.  And so we can get a check.)

Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and ... the foundation of the bulk tank wasn't the right size.  So they had to build a temporary foundation to install the tank just so the afternoon milking could be done.

Stressful.  Kris was home to pick up his lunch and as I talked to him he got a phone call about 1) buying a new piece of machinery to replace one that just broke and 2) getting new tires for the chopper.  He also had to get a new quad this week because our old quad broke.

Ah, such is the farm business, right?  I read a farming friend's post tonight and one of their alfalfa fields didn't come up, so they have to start all over and replant.  On a much smaller scale, today in my garden I accidentally weeded my spinach.  (Wow, does spinach look like a weed.) 

Maybe today was off on all farms and tomorrow all the pieces will fit.

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