Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calf explosion

Lots of activity at the barn - the builders were pouring cement for the utility building and a grain bin pad today.  Kris let the boys write their names in it.  They both wrote in cursive, because they think cursive is awesome.

Kris pointed out a cow in the pasture that he thought was going to have a calf.  He could tell because she had her tail up and her udder was really big.  She looked so close to calving it was even obvious to me.  After he pointed her out I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed her already.  She might as well as had a sign above her blinking 'IN LABOR.' 

We watched her ... some of us from a higher vantage point than others ...

and in no time, the hooves were out.  She laid down, gave a few pushes, and had her calf! 

I was close enough to see it happen, but not close enough for really good pictures.  If you want to see close pictures of a calf being born, check out my pictures here.  It looked a lot like that.  Really, all the easy births do. 

Eight calves today!  It's 10:40 p.m. and Kris is just getting home from his last calf check.  How many more will be born before midnight?  Only the cows will know ... this household is going to sleep.  We have to get ready for more calves and cursive tomorrow!

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