Sunday, May 5, 2013

Parlor tricks

This morning a cow got her leg caught in the parlor. 

There are two bars on the parlor wall to help position the cows when they come in to be milked. 

Unfortunately, somehow, a cow got her leg caught between the two bars.  Then she fell down.  Kris and the guys worked a long time to free her leg - trying to pry the bars apart, trying to position her ... but it wasn't working.  She just kept backing up and getting it more stuck.  My dad went to get the torch to cut the metal, but as he did that, she managed to kick around and free herself! 

She walked out of the parlor limping, but okay!  Kris was really happy she was tough and that it ended well. 

Kris said my dad mentioned that they should take a picture ... but they didn't.  I didn't know about it until it was all over.  Can you believe they're not stopping to call me and tell me to come home from town to take a picture with my nice camera?  Amazing, I know.  It's like they're so busy.

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