Friday, May 10, 2013

16 going once ... going twice ...

Kris, dad, and all the guys had a long day yesterday.  Sixteen calves born!  It's a record for us.  However, we have more cows this year than any year, so it was an easy record to break.

Happily, we also got some corn planted yesterday.  We pay a custom corn planter to plant some of our fields for us.  It works out quite nicely that the planting is getting done while the calves are constantly being born, getting bottle-fed, having their mothers brought in for their first milking ... you get the idea. 

Kris sent me to town to get a part for the calf cart, but it wasn't the right part.  Today I went back and just handed the phone to the hardware store employee.  I'm sure they get that a lot.  He didn't even seem phased when I abondoned him in the aisle with my phone after my son declared he had to go to the bathroom.

Today was rainy, which always means fewer calves.  They like to birth them on dry days.  But there were eight born - that used to seem like a lot.

My neighbor Sharon watched from her backyard - and took some fantastic pictures!  This is hers:

She told me, "This just never gets old." 

For us, either!  This is really the best time of the year on the farm.  Kris would agree with me, but he's headed to bed.

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