Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chocolate milk and racing

Today we ran a race that had a chocolate milk station at the end!

It was sponsored by United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  They're giving out milk at a series of races around the state.  You can find out more at the Choose Chocolate Milk site.

I came home and saw this article:

Chocolate milk? At the Olympic pool, it's the drink of champions.

It reads in part:

"Jessica Hardy emerged from the Olympic pool on Friday, clutching the drink that would aid her in recovering from her performance.

Not water. Not Gatorade. Not some special sports drink.

Hardy was chugging chocolate milk.

"I won't do energy drinks, with my supplement history," Hardy said. "Chocolate milk is as good as it gets."

Whether they're on land or water, athletes love the taste of chocolate milk, the proven science behind it, and ... yes, the taste again.


Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you. Congrats on your race!rrw

Carla said...

Thanks so much - you too!